Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Maid OK is your one stop shop for all your cleaning needs.  We are your go to for Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout, Upholstery Cleaning, Organizing & Clean Up, Air Duct Cleaning, Janitorial/Commercial After Hours Cleaning, Window Cleaning, and our newest addition is Fire and Water Restoration.

The Owners

Joe and Lisa D'Amico started cleaning houses by themselves back in 1996.  Lisa would be one hand deep cleaning a toilet and answering her huge cell phone with the other in order to book jobs.  They did this for about 5 years until they had too many customers and they could not do it by themselves.  
This was when Maid OK was born.  Since then Maid OK has grown from doing 5-6 houses in a day to accommodating up to 40 jobs a day. Every business has it's ups and downs and Maid OK is not any different. At one point, when the recession hit, we almost had to shut the doors, and now we are back to more customers and services than ever before.

The newest member to our water and fire restoration family is Thomas Reece.  He has been in this line of work going on 6 years.  His background is extensive and represents our brand well.  He is on call 24 hrs a day/7 days a week.

Inspection and Water Damage Process

You get home and your house is flooded.  How in the world did this happen?  You find out a pipe burst in the wall and the water is flowing out all over your living room.  First thing you do is turn the water off.  Next you need to call your hero's at Maid OK and we will rush out and start the inspection process.

Our technicians will come in and inspect the damage and take extensive notes to give to the insurance adjustor, our records, and for your own records.  This step is crucial in order to start the process of getting the water and belongings out of the house.  Our technicians are highly trained to get the house looking just like it did before the flood.

Removal of Belongings and Water Extraction

Our certified technicians will remove the items from the home or into another room to make sure these are not damaged.  If they do show signs of water damage at the time or our arrival, we will apply heavy duty cleaners to protect them from further damage.

Maid OK's skilled workers will then begin our innovative process to remove the water.  They will suction wall to wall all carpets, baseboards, and floors.  This requires state of the art equipment to maintain a moisture level that is satisfactory for our industry.  We remove all pathogens that could have invaded the home such as bacteria, insects, and mold.

Drying and Dehumidifying

There are some parts of the excavating process that is harder to remove than other areas.  Maid OK has state of the art equipment that consists of air circulation technology.  These help with both drying and keeping the humidity to a minimum.

Once areas are dried to Maid OK's standard, it is then sprayed with deodorizing chemicals and antimicrobial treatments to prevent the spread of odors and mold.


Depending on the damage the flood did in the home, Maid OK will get the home back to it's pre-flooded condition.  Sometimes all it needs is for the drywall to be replaced and a good coat of paint.

Sometimes it is a major overhaul.  Some rooms might need to be rebuilt and carpet replaced.  No matter how big or small, Maid OK is here for your flooding needs.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Organizing For the Big Move

Moving is hard work!  It takes a lot of time and effort for anyone involved.  We have asked a few experts to give us their advice on how to organize to get the move off with a win.

First you need to get a binder to help you stay organized to get organized.  The sooner you have it the better organized you will stay.  Write these categories to help stay focused.

CHECKLIST: Print this easy to follow checklist from Martha Stewart to help you stay on course. This guide was the easiest and simplest one I saw.

UTILITIES: In this section you will store all the bills and make sure that you call well in advance to schedule your new utilities and to turn the old house utilities off. Don't forget though to keep the utilities in the old house on until everything has been cleaned.  You will also keep track of any scheduling that needs to be done to the new/old house.

LOAN PAPERS: If you have them for the old house, you will want to store them here as well as the new papers for the new home.  Make sure you store them in a safe place after the move.

RECEIPTS: For the love of all sanity, make sure you keep these!  I would put the old house receipts in one pocket and the new ones in another pocket.  You can write these off on your taxes at the beginning of the year too.

BUILDER: All paperwork for the new house needs to be here. You need to make sure their contact names/numbers are readily available as well as contracts and warranties for the new home.

MOVERS: Have available the names/numbers of your moving company, truck rental, anything that relates to having your items moved from one house to the other.  At Maid OK we can help you pack your belongings.  We know it is hard work, but as long as you supply the packing boxes, wrap, and tape, we will be good to go.

INVENTORY LIST: If using paper is easier, here is your link to download an inventory check list.  If you are wanting to use your phone to store your inventory, there is an app called Allstate Digital Locker and it is a free app to help keep your belongings safe, all the time.

SCHEDULES: When it comes to this one, it seems like there is a schedule for EVERYTHING.  Well there is.  This will be your lifesaver for the next two months.

Have you ever had a garage sell and you used those cute, colorful, round stickers and you thought that was all you used them for, well they are not.  They are to keep your boxes organized correctly.

Google color coded moving legend, GENIUS!!  One color per person/room and put them where they belong.  You will need a stock paper to put the color of sticker and what/where the boxes belong so you do not get confused.

Make copies and hang them around the house so everyone knows what color to use while packing.  At the new house, put these on each door so the movers know where to place the boxes.  You can normally get these fabulous stickers at your local teaching store or any retailer.

Moving with unstable boxes means a greater risk for it to crumble.  Get moving boxes that are the same size for easier lifting and storing in the trailer/truck.  They also make hanging clothes boxes, these can be a bit more pricey, so shop around, but this will keep you from having to take them all off the hangers, pack in the boxes, and then put back on the hangers and then in the closet in the new home.

Tackle one room at a time and save the bathroom and kitchen for last.  You will use these items, especially the bathroom stuff the day of the move.  As long as you tackle one room at a time, you will not get overwhelmed and not loose your tools for moving.

ZIPLOCK bags will be your other BFF!!  Throw small items like kids things they make, jewelry, stuff you forgot to pack, pens, just the normal small stuff.  I promise, you will need them.

Do not forget to make arrangements for these special, lovable, little things.  Have an older friend watch the kids so your younger friends can help move.  Call a pet sitter to have your pet watched.  For less stress, have your animals stay all weekend.  Check for coupons to get a better deal.

Call Maid OK to clean your home for the next tenant or owner.  Most landlords will give your deposit back as long as the house is cleaned to perfection.  We also can shampoo the carpets, clean the inside of the windows, clean all the air ducts, and even powerwashing.  Maid OK pretty much does it all.  Book your appointment now or call us for a quote.

Maid OK hopes your new home will bring you lots of happiness!  Memories from the last home will always be in your heart, but making new ones is always fun.